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We are pleased to offer you our Israeli Tourist Health Insurance Plan. This plan is offered under the auspices of the Harel Insurance Company Inc. (formerly known as Shiloah – Harel). Harel is the only insurance company in Israel with experience and know-how of over 65 years in building policies applicable to the changing needs of various populations. According the National Board of Statistics, 60% of all policies dealing with foreign travel insurance and/or foreigners visiting in Israel are insured by our company. Our goal is to provide immediate help and to alleviate confusion should you fall ill in a foreign country.

Because we are aware that each of you are visiting in Israel for a specific period of time, this policy can be purchased on a daily basis. For more information on our rates, Click Here.

How the Plan Works

Upon registration, the insured will be issued a computerized membership card which will entitle him/her to medical care and facilities all over the country.

Important! The insured will not be held responsible for medical payments of any kind and therefore will not have to deal with reimbursements from insurance companies abroad.

Harel will handle your medical expenses including hospital costs, physicians and surgeon fees, out-patient treatments and tests in the efficient and competent manner for which they are famous (subject to the policy terms and conditions). The company can attend to all the small details which could otherwise spoil your stay here.

Should you decide to join our plan we will do our utmost to provide you with the same professional service that over 200,000 insurees have received until now.

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